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The Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar ( WSSP) is a newly established urban utility in Peshawar as a public limited company, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, (SECP), fully owned by government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, under the Companies Ordinance, 1984

It has become the first water and sanitation company in Pakistan to have urban water and sanitation services delivered by ring fenced; fully autonomous, professionally managed and corporate governed utility. The geographical area of WSSP comprises of 43 urban and semi-urban union councils.

Chief Executive Officer

Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar

Dear Readers and Residents

As the Chief Executive Officer, I am deeply committed to lead a team that is striving to enhance the quality of life for the people of Peshawar through sustainable water, sanitation, and waste management solutions.
At WSSP, our mission is not just to provide essential services but to become a catalyst for positive transformation in our city. We envision a Peshawar that is a model of cleanliness, sustainability, and innovation. Every day, our team strives to ensure the delivery of clean drinking water, efficient sanitation services, and responsible waste management practices.
Our journey over the past decade has been marked by challenges, achievements, and an unwavering commitment to serve our community. We have embraced cutting-edge technologies, engaged with our residents through community initiatives, and forged partnerships with national and international organizations to bring about positive change.
This website serves as a window into our operations, initiatives, and the impact we aim to create. It is a platform for transparency, information, and engagement. We encourage you to explore the various sections to learn more about our projects, services, and the team behind the scenes.
As we embark on this journey toward a cleaner, healthier Peshawar, I invite you to join hands with us. Your support, feedback, and active participation are crucial in making our vision a reality. Together, we can build a city that we are proud to call home.

Core Team


Syed Zamir Ul Hassan


Asif Ali Shah

Mian Asif shah



Turab Shah

A/GM Operation


Haider Ali



Dr. Mehboob Alam

GM Project