Community Liaison Cell

It works to promote community empowerment and engagement in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector through building effective, equitable and sustainable partnership between citizens and the WSSP.


  • To develop a “policy” and “strategy” for expanding water and sewerage services to uncovered population within WSSP jurisdiction.
  • Prepare a comprehensive socio-economic profile and GIS mapping of formal & informal settlements.
  • Identify legal/institutional/technical/social barriers to investing in formal & informal settlements and suggest sustainable solutions.
  • To enhance the voice of citizens of Peshawar in planning and implementing processes of WSSP.
  • Establish partnerships with NC’s/stakeholders working in Peshawar in water and sanitation sector for harmony and targeted interventions.

Progress & Future Plan

A network of 200 Ulema/prayer leaders were engaged during Eid-ul-Azha campaign. They delivered massage through Friday and Eid sermons for safe dispose off animal offal’s through contacting WSSP field team after Eid Qurbani.

Cleaning Campaign designed for UNICEF project in Sheeheen Muslim town 1 Union Council 11

Orientation conducted for four Neighborhood Councils regarding WSSP intervention and defines their role and responsibilities for WSSP interventions. NC’s including:
Mahal Terai II NC 9 of UC 9 in zone A of WSSP
Yakatooth II NC 59 of UC 21 in zone B of WSSP
Pawaka NC 99 of UC 35 in zone C of WSSP
Tehkal payan 1 NC 108 of UC 39 in zone D of WSSP

Capacity building of the neighborhood councils is under progress regarding WASH.

Drafted MoU for IM Science and after review will be finalized.
It regularly organize events at educational institutions to promote water conservation, health and hygiene and form students groups to promote sanitations at their institutions and localities.