WSSP provides its services in 43 Union Councils (UCs) which constitute Peshawar’s urban areas. Keeping future growth and spread in mind, an additional 33 Union Councils have been incorporated into WSSP’s jurisdiction including areas within Peshawar Municipal Corporation, Cantonment, and Peshawar Development Authority.

Peshawar city has been divided into four zones, with GT Road running horizontally across it. Warsak Road lies above & the Indus Highway lies below the GT Road, these acting as dividing lines. The approximate area within the jurisdiction of WSSP is 105 km2.

List of UC's Zone Wise

S.No No Name of UC Remarks
1 UC-1 Khalisa-I Zone A, Part of UC-9
2 UC-2 Khalisa-II
3 UC-3 Mahal Terai-II
4 UC-4 Mahal Terai-II
5 UC-5 Hassan Garhi-I
6 UC-6 Hassan Garhi-II
7 UC-7 Shahi Bagh
8 UC-8 Faqir Abad
9 UC-9 Sikandar Town Zone B
10 UC-10 Gulbahar
11 UC-11 Shaheen Muslim Town-I
12 UC-12 Shaheen Muslim Town-II
13 UC-13 Sheikh Junaid Abad
14 UC-14 Lahori
15 UC-15 Karim Pura
16 UC-16 Andhar Sher
17 UC-17 Asia
18 UC-18 Jahangir Pura
19 UC-19 Gunj
20 UC-20 YakaTooth-I
21 UC-21 YakaTooth-II
22 UC-22 YakaTooth-III
23 UC-23 Wazir Bagh
24 UC-24 Kakshal-I
25 UC-25 Kakshal-II
26 UC-26 Akhun Abad
27 UC-27 Hazar Khawani
28 UC-28 Hazar Khawani
29 UC-30 Bhana Mari
30 UC-29 Deh Bahadur Zone-C
31 UC-31 Nothia Qadeem Zone-C
32 UC-32 Deri Baghbanan
33 UC-33 Landi Arbab
34 UC-34 Nothia  Jadeed
35 UC-35 Pawaka
36 UC-36
37 UC-81 Sufaid Dheri
38 UC-36 Canal town, Lalazar Colony, Shah colony, Muraadabad & Gulabad  Zone-D
39 UC-37 Shaheen Town
40 UC-38 Tehkal Payen-II
41 UC-39 Tehkal Payen-I
42 UC-40 Tehkal Bala
43 UC-41 Palosai
44 UC-42 Malakandher


Door to door collection
Washing of main roads
Emergency services (CMU)
Water Sprinkling
Complaint Cell Registration/Unit
Malaria Campaign

Awareness campaign through Urban Unit Lahore
Health & hygiene campaign by UNICEF in collaboration with SEED.
Malaria Campaign

Extension of Door to Door Campaign
Bins installation on main roads
Revenue generation
Android base field staff attendance
24 hours complaint cell
Provision of Bins/biodegradable bin bags to house holds
Segregation at source (Household)
Sustainable cleaning campaign


Water Quality Surveillance through third party  (1200 test/UET Peshawar)
Installation of 33 new tube wells and Rehabilitation of 68 tube wells
Regularization of 9053 illegal water connection
Reconciliation of PESCO Tube Wells Bills (42 Million)

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Zonal Managers

Tariq Khan

Zonal Manager – A

Amir Gull Khatak

Zonal Manager – C

Maria Shehnaz

Zonal Manager – D