2200 illegal structures on main drains in Peshawar impedes cleanliness drive

PESHAWAR: Chief Executive Officers Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar Engr Khanzeb Khan has said illegal construction on main sewerage lines were impeding to keep them clean.

“Around 2200 illegal buildings and shops have been constructed on major drains that keep them blocked,” he said.

At many places, the encroachers have left the drains so narrow that it made it difficult for the sanitation staff to access and keep them open, he said.

Khanzeb said this during a surprise visit to different localities of the city. He inspected cleanliness activities in the narrow streets, roads and car parks.

During the visit, he found shopkeepers and vendors throwing waste on roads and burning plastic bags in open air.He imposed fines on dozens of shopkeepers for open dumping and warned them of action if they continue to litter.

He asked them to place the waste outside their shops instead burning them openly or littering on streets.

“You should pack the waste in a sac and place it outside your shops, WSSP sanitation staff will come and pick it if you cannot take it to the containers,” he asked the shopkeepers and traders.

Engr Khanzeb said “The clean and green Peshawar will not only reduce burden on our hospitals but it would help boost tourism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” he said.

He also urged the consumers to pay their municipal services bill on time. “We provide clean drinking water, clean your drains and sweep your streets for just Rs300 which is not a big amount,” he said, adding that timely payment of bills would help WSSP to provide better and timely services.

He visited Chowkyadgar, Ashraf Road, Qissa Khwani, Gentaghar, Reti Bazar, Kohati, Gul Bahar, Khyber Bazar, Namak Mandi, Dhaki localities and meet local elders as well as traders.

Member National Assembly and Focal Person WSSP Haji Shaukat Ali, later, joined WSSP Staff and met traders, elders and ulema of different localities.

“Several sanitation staffers have suffered from serious diseases like hepatitis B and C, skin diseases and respiratory problems,” informed Chief Municipal Officer Riaz Khan.

He said that 117 sanitation staffers have been deployed on this 1.75 kilometer Shahi Katha drain who work day and night to keep it clean. The head of WSSP Khanzeb announced necessary inoculation, treatment and provision of special uniform for them.


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  • sumair

    hi sir.
    this is very good implement but we need the solution that some body have service station so what they do in future and how we will be the registered company with wssp. so kindly give us the brief description and show us the way how to use also what documents are required for registration .
    thanks sir.

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