How to Improve Customer Feedback ?


  • Qaisar

    WSSP is doing a great job. They took a good initiative on Go and Green Peshawar.

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    Salma BiBi

    The mechanism can be improved using latest technologies like mobile Apps and interactive methods.

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    Habib Ahmad

    This is an excellent webpage and most importantly designed by the MIS department. In majority of the cases the organization hire the services of firms. This is a fantastic effort of the MIS. WSSP must reward such a wonderful team for encouraging them in the best way.

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    Koi kam nahi ho ra ha

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    khalid Nazir

    3 mahayon sa bill nahi ha koi bill nahi da ray ha

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    Rashid Habib Bangash

    No proper Waste Bins/Sweepers for collecting of garbage in Sikandar Abad, Amin Colony Koad Peshawar

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    Rashid Khan

    The technical aspects of WSS in the text above needs to be revised or reviewed. for instance ‘food production’. it sounds prossessing unit/industry. Use ‘prepare’ insted of produce. Similar to this there are repetition in Pharas and the use of jargon is not appropriate. I will suggest technical review of the text on this website. Please don’t mind but this website and the text are viewed by a number of people who are majority technical viewers. Please also update 2010 statistics.

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    Kashif amin

    I am a resident in one of the Super expensive tax earning localities arbab road,university town peshawar Due to the BRT mismanagement the sewrage lines are blocked. All of out houses in the street are flooded with dirty water. Rain is blessing but curses upon Pervez Khattak. We are in miserable situation.
    Please come and have a look of the new Peahawar.
    We have been living here since 1968 but this is the worst time in an year since BRT has blocked all the sewage lines. Our location is Adjacent to national bank and MENU outlet.
    Wish this could happen to Pervez Khattak

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