How to Improve Customer Feedback ?


  • Qaisar

    WSSP is doing a great job. They took a good initiative on Go and Green Peshawar.

  • Salma BiBi

    The mechanism can be improved using latest technologies like mobile Apps and interactive methods.

  • Habib Ahmad

    This is an excellent webpage and most importantly designed by the MIS department. In majority of the cases the organization hire the services of firms. This is a fantastic effort of the MIS. WSSP must reward such a wonderful team for encouraging them in the best way.

  • Rashid Khan

    The technical aspects of WSS in the text above needs to be revised or reviewed. for instance ‘food production’. it sounds prossessing unit/industry. Use ‘prepare’ insted of produce. Similar to this there are repetition in Pharas and the use of jargon is not appropriate. I will suggest technical review of the text on this website. Please don’t mind but this website and the text are viewed by a number of people who are majority technical viewers. Please also update 2010 statistics.

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