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Human Resource Function of WSSP includes a variety of activities and key among them is deciding what staffing needs WSSP has and whether to hire employees/staff on contract, regular or deputation basis to address the needs, recruiting and training the employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring that the organization’s personnel and management practices conform to various regulations that are in force.

Human Resource Function will assist management to maximize the performance of employees by providing human resource strategic and operational support. Human Resource Function will not relieve any Line Manager from their direct day-to-day responsibility of managing people but will enable them to manage, develop and get the best performance from their people.


The human resources division of WSSP has the daunting task of ensuring that the company has the best and most effective workforce possible. For this reason the human resources division plays a vital role in any company, and especially when it comes to the overall employee satisfaction and their well-being. It is therefore imperative that the Human Resources department have a finger on the pulse at all times when it comes to the company’s goals and objectives, and that they are able to constantly look at new ways to keep the employees happy, motivated and on the right track. Objectives of the WSSP HR department are as follows.

  •  Employee morale

One of the key functions of HR department at WSSP is to keep employee morale up. It is up to the human resources department to ensure that the work environment is up to the right standard, and that the employees are motivated and well looked after.

  • Introduce incentive programs

Human resources department at WSSP look into implementing incentives and benefits for employees. The aim should be to introduce the right balance of incentives and benefits to motivate the employees to perform at their best. Almost all companies will offer some benefits to its employees, either to appear competitive and to attract job seekers, or to comply with regulations.

  • Develop star performers

Human resources department WSSP is constantly in touch with management in order to ensure that leadership development is being addressed, and that all managers and those in line for management roles are being supported, trained and mentored effectively. It is important that future leaders are provided with the correct training and tools in order to succeed.

  • Recruitment, training and staffing

HR department WSSP is in a position where it is able to deal effectively with recruiting, training and staffing needs. They need to be able to devise strategies to attract job seekers to the company, and to manage headcount and the recruitment process. Training is also very important; it is the human resources departments’ responsibility to figure out what training is required.

  • Increase productivity

The human resources department WSSP work hand in hand with management and their departments to ensure that employee productivity is at a peak. Issues around work routines need to be analyzed and adjusted as required in order to increase productivity.

  • Implement strategies and policies

One of the roles of the human resources department WSSP is to implement strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals, taking into account ethical business practices and costs.

  • Conflict resolution

It is the duty of the human resources department to also weed out and resolve issues amongst employees. Even though companies generally work hard to find employees who are a good fit for the company’s culture, there is still inevitably conflict and issues that are going to arise from time to time. This is because there are so many different personalities within a work environment, and means that conflict is bound to arise from time to time. It is up to the human resources department to deal with the conflict as and when it arises, as when conflict does not get dealt with it can result in resignations or firing which will cost the company’s money.

Working in human resources can be tough. It is imperative for any company that has a human resources department to ensure that they hire a team that is better able to understand the business and where it is going.

The bottom line is that the human resources department of any organization holds a tremendous amount of responsibility. They deal with the people issues of the company, including the recruiting of its employees, training them, motivating them, as well as handing areas such as performance reviews and ensuring that the work environment is conducive to their well-being and productivity.


Advise and Assist management to formulate and ensure the implementation of effective human resource strategies, policies, procedures, controls and practices;

Identify hiring need in coordination with the department heads; develop the position descriptions, Recruitment Plan, organizational chart and other recruitment related documents.

Analyze and ensure that the compensation and benefits offered by WSSP on different pay scales are equivalent to the market in order to attract, retain and motivate the required talent to help achieve the organization’s mission and objectives;

Organizational transformation and change management in the event of a major organizational change such as introduction of new technology, restructuring etc.

Coordination with the Department Heads and Line Managers for identification of on job and external trainings necessary for employees across WSSP for performance of their roles and responsibilities;

Liaise with the department heads and Line Managers for establishment of an effective performance management system and integration of this system with incentives and rewards including increments, promotions, bonuses and succession planning. Establishment of effective performance management system will include development of SMART Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in coordination with Department heads and Line Manager for all employees of WSSP.

Carrying out periodic performance appraisal of employees in coordination with Department Heads and Line Managers and identification of training needs for performance improvements and development of employees considering the overall business objectives of WSSP.

Ensure compliance with applicable labor and employment laws in order to avoid workplace complaints based on unfair employment practices, unsafe working conditions and general dissatisfaction with working conditions.

Regularly monitor the effectiveness of human resource policies to ensure compliance and relevance to the strategic organization needs of WSSP in terms of best practices and personal data management;

Assist WSSP to improve the efficiency and manage the costs of providing services from an HR/people perspective;

Be available for consultation, advice and support to all employees within WSSP.


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