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Project management is “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet project requirements”

This Project Management (PM) policy is intended to enable project managers and staff to effectively and efficiently execute and manage projects undertaken by WSSP.

Policy Mission & Objectives

The policies herein set the minimum expectations of WSSP on all project staff and departments of WSSP that are involved in the execution, either directly or in a support role.  Additionally, the policies empower project teams to:

  • Guarantee consistency between the strategy of WSSP and its projects;
  • Plan and budget comprehensively in conjunction with PMERR and the Finance Department;
  • Understand key aspects of project financial management
  • Manage resources efficiently to achieve set objectives;
  • Document and manage essential information on project implementation;
  • Comply with the regulatory and information technology aspects of project management;
  • Ensures the project is implemented in a transparent and accountable manner in line with the rules and regulations of GoKP, and;
  • Prepare for internal monitoring by PMEER and external evaluations commissioned by the sponsor of the project;
  • Track and manage scope change, delays and problems in conjunction with PMERR, and;
  • Mitigates the risk of project failure.

Developmental works in WSSP

1.     Construction/ rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation schemes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ADP 129

The scope of the project is:-

  • construction of new water supply schemes for the left over population
  • rehabilitation of old and existing water supply scheme which has out lived its useful life of more than 20 years
  • sanitation schemes for the new population
  • Project area is spread over five PK’s (PK-1, PK-2, PK-3, PK-4, PK-5)
  • 06 New Tube wells having a discharge capacity of 1.4 million gallons per day have been installed which will cater for additional 4000 persons for the next 20 years
  • 5 tube wells Rehabilitation for existing tube wells
  • 17100 meters drains constructed/ rehabilitated
  • 2500 Meters street pavements constructed

2.     Replacement of old/ rusted pipes ADP- 1121 Estimated cost Rs 150 M

This project is meant for targeted areas where the pipes are rusted or are passing through drains. There is huge quantity of rusted pipes in Peshawar in different area. WSSP has replaced rusted pipes in some of the areas.

  • Project area is spread over five PK’s (PK-1, PK-2, PK-3, PK-4, PK-5)
  • Total  402,585 ft rusted pipe is replaced in WSSP jurisdiction.
  • PK-1  130,864 ft rusted pipe is replaced
  • PK-2  110,626 ft rusted pipe is replaced
  • PK-3  118,575 ft rusted pipe is replaced
  • PK-4  42,520 ft rusted pipe is replaced

3.     Sanitation scheme in University town ADP 693 estimated cost Rs 100 M

The Project comprises design of a new drainage system, based upon due assessment of the existing drainage system, for the University Town, Peshawar, with a gross area of about 385 acres, including rehabilitation of the existing drains and/or provision of new drains.

The project is intended for redesigning and construction of storm drainages in university town. The existing drains are under or over capacity which lead to overflow or clogging during rains. Work is started for construction of these drains. Precast drains are installed in mentioned area. Till now 35000 Rft drains construction is completed

4.     Sanitation scheme UC-2 Khalisa 2 ADP -118 estimate cost Rs200 M

Kahlisa -2 is a very congested UC of PK-1. The Storm drainage and streets are in a very unhygienic position. This project will address the whole area in a systematic way.

There are four packages in this work. These works are consisting of drains construction and street pavements by tuff tiles.

  • Package-1 construction of new drains 34 Rft
  • Package-2 construction of new drains 75  Rft
  • Package-3 construction of new drains 426 Rft
  • Package-4 construction of new drains 6217 Rft

5.     Improvement of Sanitation in UC-4, Mahal Terai-2, Peshawar ADP 694

The area lies in PK-1. The  streets and drainage system are improved in a systematic way by this project. The area has been divided in three zones.  Work on all the zones completed. These works are consisting of 5 packages.  In these five packages different areas were covered for drainage system.

  • Package-1 construction of new drains 89114 Rft
  • Package-2 construction of new drains 76414 Rft
  • Package-3 construction of new drains 40394 Rft
  • Package-4 construction of new drains 51240 Rft
  • Package-5 construction of new drains 56694 Rft

6.     Construction of drains in Jogiwara/ Sarki Gate ADP 1111

The existing system has become insufficient and need redesign and reconstruction. The sewer work in Sarki gate and jogiwara has been completed.

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