WSSP cuts water of bill defaulters

Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) launched crackdown against commercial customers who are not paying water and sanitation services bills. The crackdown has been launched in all four zones simultaneously.

Chief Executive Officer Syed Zafar Ali Shah ordered the crackdown in a meeting attended by General Manager OperationsEngr Ali Khan, GM Projects Engr. Amir Khan, GM PMER Kamal Afridi, Manager Billing and Collection Nusrat Ali Shah, Senior Manager MIS Asmara Rahat, and other senior managers.

The CEO was informed that only 350 commercial consumers out of 2400 registered were paying bills.

“Collection bill will make the municipal services provider financially self-sustainable, water conservation and improved services delivery,” Shah said.

To conserve water and ensure sanitation, he said consumers would not realise the importance of water and cleanliness as long as they use free water and avail sanitation services.

“No more free services, those who avail our services they have to pay,” he said.He asked the zonal managers to register FIRs against the consumer who are not cooperating andshowing reluctance to register connections or payment of bills.

He said that Election Commission would be moved against elected representatives of the District Government who were allegedly enticing consumers on non-payment of bills.

He stressed on intensifying awareness campaign among the consumers regarding importance of water and sanitation and assure them that the bill they would be spent on improvement of services.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 15th, 2019.

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