WSSP ups disinfection drive to stem Covid-19 spread

PESHAWAR: The Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) intensified the disinfection operation on Monday to stem the spread of the deadly Covid-19.

More teams joined the task and equipment and additional chemicals were procured to kills the virus. With the number of suspects on the rise, dozens of teams of the sanitation company sterilized the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, government offices, Police Lines, roads, streets, markets and public spaces. Teams in four zones, dressed in personal protection masks and gears, continued sterilization till late night. The disinfection was done in Yakatoot, Nauthia and other localities of Peshawar. The exercise was earlier planned to be carried out at night when roads, streets and markets are empty. However, keeping in view the intensity of pandemic, the teams were tasked to continue the practice even during the day. Disinfection of Dauranpur Quarantine Center and surrounding localities was carried out repeatedly.

Localities that have been declared high-risk were being sprayed with chlorine time and again. Chief Executive Officer Syed Zafar Ali Shah directed all zonal managers to set up washbasins on major roads and provide soaps for handwashing. “Take all possible steps that could contain the spread of the Covid-19,” he asked the managers. He asked the officials to ensure close coordination with government departments and district administration to fight the pandemic together. Syed Zafar Ali Shah said the city-wide disinfection would continue until the threat of the virus was over. “WSSP teams would remain in the field as long as the virus remains there,” he added. To protect the teams from being affected, N-95 masks and protective gears are being procured for the sanitary workers. General Manager (Operations) Riaz Ahmad Khan was tasked to supervise the situation while the zonal managers directed to ensure training of more sanitation workers. The company has started installing pressure washers on all tankers and bowsers while chemicals, effective to kills the virus are being procured. The teams sprayed Walled City, Gulbahar, Faqirabad, GT Road, Nauthia and other localities. Managers solid waste were asked to dump the waste at a separate place at its dumping site in Shamshatu, fumigated and then cover with lime properly. Localities, where suspected cases were reported, have been sprayed repeatedly. The chief executive officer urged the masses to stay at home for the safety of yourself, children and other people. “The only treatment is staying at home. It will make our job easy to contain the spread of the deadly virus,” he urged.