Eid-Ul-Adha Operations plan elaborated by CEO WSSP and his special message for the people of Peshawar and Sanitary workers

ڈبلیو ایس ایس پی نے عید الاضحی کی صفائی کے منصوبے کو حتمی شکل دی

Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) has finalised three-day Eidul Azha sanitation operation plan for 43 urban union councils of Peshawar.
The plan was finalised during a meeting with Chief Executive Officer Dr Hassan Nasir in the chair. As per the plan, 2602 sanitary workers would be on duty on the first day of Eid Azha. The company will collect offal through 566 vehicles of which 310 are WSSP’s own vehicles while 253 are private vehicles hired for the biggest sanitation operation of the year in which 10500 tons of waste is expected to be produced within 3 days of Eid. A week earlier, massive awareness campaign was launched in the provincial metropolis to sensitize masses about cleaning the surroundings clean and disposing offal at designated location.
Of 6202 staff, 1189 are sanitary workers, 660 Katta Qulis, 341 drivers, 293 helpers, 63 municipal inspectors and 55 supervisors.
Of the total fleet, 153 Suzuki mini dumpers, 18 mini dumpers, 25 bike loaders, 20 small tractors, 108 large tractors, 42 compactors, 40 shovels, two trucks, 23 multi-loaders armroll, 109 dumpers, nine excavators and 17 rickshaws would be used for offal and waste collection during the three days sanitation operation.
All zonal managers have finalised temporary transfers stations where the waste would be collected from narrow streets and congested residential localities and then taken to Shamshato dumping site, some 22 km away from city. The waste would be fumigated and powder lime will be used before covering it with soil at the dumping site and in transfer stations.
Monitoring teams supervised by the Chief Executive Officer WSSP Dr. Hassan Nasir comprising general managers, zonal managers, managers and assistant managers are constituted for effective execution of the plan.
To divide the staff and vehicles zone-wise, Zone-A that comprised of nine union councils will deploy 497 staff and 142 vehicles, expecting to pick 2008 tons of waste.
In Zone B, comprising 21 UCs, as many 1058 staff and 211 vehicles will carry out operation, estimated to collect 3702 tons waste.
The company will deploy 697 staff and 130 vehicles is likely to collect 2874 tons of waste from seven UCs of Zone C while 350 sanitary workers is expecting to collect 1951 tons waste through 80 vehicles of different sizes in Zone D.
As per the plan, the offal collection points would be washed, fumigated while powder lime will be used as disinfectant to control stench.
The company has already launched an awareness campaign in all union councils. Teams of community development officers are organizing corner meetings to spread awareness among masses to dump waste at designated points. About 500 awareness banners are placed in every nook and corner of the city inscribed with slogans to keep the city clean of offal and help line of the company.
Ulema, teachers, elders and people from all walks of life are being engaged to make the sanitation operation a success. “Masses’ role is vital in keeping the city clean,” said Dr Nasir.